WorkBoat Turkey is a brand launched by The Yacht Marine Group, a company established for over 25 years, who specialize in operating and managing the construction of large yachts and workboats. Our fully equipped, highly skilled, and experienced professionals are able to offer 360 degree solutions and build the perfect vessel that fulfills all of your needs.

Based in Istanbul, the heart of the Turkish ship building industry, WorkBoat Turkey has been operating since 2004 and builds aluminum and steel boats.




At Workboat Turkey, with our broad set of expertise, we provide bespoke marine & engineering services. These include: Building aluminium and steel workboats, full service boat repair, boat refit, engineering and machining. All projects are managed meticulously by our professional team with great attention to detail and a customer oriented approach in order to make your investment profitable.

Uri Rotshtain, CEO





Are the Vessels Customisable ?

Yes, in fact, each vessel is unique. We work together with our clients to design the exact deck layout and decide on specific equipment options that work best for them.

Is Workboat Turkey part of a larger group ?

Yes, we are part of the Yacht Marine Group, a 25 year old company based in Istanbul, Turkey, that operates in luxury yacht construction, yacht management, charter and brokerage.

Do you build other types of vessel ?

Yes. Depending on our clients’ needs, we either build aluminum and steel luxury yachts or manage the construction process.